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of our IQF strawberry

IQF strawberry 2021- crop
variety: all star; M-6; Sweet Charley festival

main size and proportion:
15-22mm diameter,calibrated,40%
22-30mm 50%
30mm up 10%
quality standard:
clean sound fruits, without calyces; without moldy ; without
overripe fruits; free from sand; fruits without green tips or green
Packing : 1x10kg/ctn
quantity available: 2000MT
shipment date :from early March to the end of July,
The supply of frozen strawberry, good taste, variety. By the addition of
fresh strawberries and; The taste is
pure, bright color; Packing: l0KG/ bag. Specification: 15-35mm;15-
25mm; 25-35mm.
Microbiological and Chemical characteristic
Total count 30°C:  ≤10xl05/ g
Total Colifonn:    ≤1000 / g
E. Coli:           ≤ 6/ g
Yeasts and moulds  5000 / g
Staphylococcus Aureus  100 / g
Listeria monocytogenes Absent/ 25g
Salmonella ( 25 g) Absent/ 25 g
Tolerances /500g
Welding (number) 4
FM 0
EVM (number) 10
Major Blemish (number)2
Minor Blemish (number)8
Damaged (Blemish) 8
Attached calyx/stalk (number) 4
Oversize/undersize 15 %
Shelf live:24 n1onth by -18 degrees celsius
Freezing  I.Q.F. -40 degrees Celsius
For further detailed information , pls kindly call me.

Our price for year 2020 was 995 EURO /ton f.o.b Alexandria ( but with
former contract in-advance payment 50% )

Best regards .
this red inside specially for industry  special order