Egypt overseas
Product name -.   Iceberg lettuce .

seeds from  Holland -(RIJK ZWAAN EXPORT  B.V ) .
Season     - Start from October to the end of June  .   
Our all product volume at this moment – 1600 carton per week. for all our
Net weight of carton (depending on the season) . For example, middle of
February season is light Wight. Net Weight range from 6.5kg in February
to 7.5 kg the rest of other seasons net weight .  

Number of fruits inside carton -  from 10-14 depending on the season , in
February  14  rest of season 10-12  fruits per carton .
Weight of raw empty carton without Iceberg lettuce is 0.750 kg. Very
strong carton.Warped with Sullivan with holes.
Price .  
Two price types:      
1- Price for Egyptian exporter   in Cairo Airport  or Alexandria Airport   
we work as supplier for most of  Egyptian exporters )  is 22- EGP . /
carton (about 7.5 kg net) cargo village in Cairo or Alex Inside Airport. one
USD$= 5.68 EGP . For quantity
more than 400 cartons per week .less than this quantity price will be 24
EGP/carton. or 4.3  USD/carton  fob Cairo airport
In February for contract customer price is fixed. Other months price
depends on quantity .

For our clients overseas . added services fee in Airport,  tax, export
licenses and communication cost etc . about 1.1USD /carton  and  added
Air freight .

payment .
For long term relationship, we offer prices Payment finance. one week
after delivery no more .
For contract 20% in advance    2-3 week after delivery. But the fright
must be paid. paid first