Egypt overseas

of our IQF strawberry

IQF strawberry 201
9- 2020 crop
variety: all star; M-6; Sweet Charley festival

main size and proportion:
15-22mm diameter,calibrated,40%
22-30mm 50%
30mm up 10%
quality standard:
clean sound fruits, without calyces; without moldy ; without
overripe fruits; free from sand; fruits without green tips or green
Packing : 1x10kg/ctn
quantity available: 200MT
shipment date :from early May to the end of July.
For further detailed information , pls kindly call me.

Our price for year 2
020 was 995 EURO /ton f.o.b Alexandria ( but with
former contract in-advance payment 50% )

Best regards .
Ibrahim shehab.
this red inside specially for industry  special order